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How I Cured My Dog From Dog Cancer In 90 Days

How I Cured My Dog From Dog Cancer In 90 Days

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Author: Nancy Nash

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 26

Details: Your pet has cancer.

Nobody wants to hear a grim diagnosis for a pet. Pets are part of the family, and a pet falling to a serious illness can be a stressful and upsetting time. Animal care is confusing for many people, and the options are often difficult to decipher. Your pet can't express how much pain they are in or their wishes, making a serious pet illness especially overwhelming for many loving owners. Your vet cares and will do what it takes to save your pet's life, but veterinary procedures can cause massive expense and unclear outcomes. This is especially true for aging pets like the author's beloved dog, Holly.

But what if you can cure cancer?

Holly was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, this diagnosis is too common for our furry family members. Author Nancy Nash had to make a difficult decision to refuse the surgical treatment that was risky for her aging pet. Instead, she dedicated her time and energy to researching alternative healing for dogs and using those techniques to give Holly her only fighting chance. Nancy Nash actually cured her dog's cancer, and she wants to share her methods in order to improve the health of beloved pets everywhere.

This book contains valuable information about canine cancer, including:

-What cancer is and how it affects the body
-What causes cancer in canines
-How your dog's nutrition and environment may be negatively impacting health, and how to correct it
-The cure used to treat Holly's canine cancer and restore her health
-How to protect your pet from cancer
-Additional resources to help you form a plan of action to maintain or improve your dog's health

Simple, easy-to-understand explanations and information allow pet owners to get the facts they need about canine cancer. While veterinary assistance is still a must to keep pets healthy, the information in this guide can help you recognize the symptoms or prevent the disease before it can endanger your pet. By combining veterinary evaluation with nutritional approaches backed by research, Nancy Nash was able to fully cure Holly.

Today, Holly is thriving and enjoying a more healthful lifestyle, and your pet can too. This magical cure is shared alongside the valuable insights in this text, and even owners of perfectly healthy pets can learn from this book. Protect your pet, learn to identify problems, and consider the cure shared here. It may just save your pet when other options have failed or are unavailable.

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