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My Dog Has Cancer.  What Can I Do?: Nola's Wellness Guide & Journey with Holistic Medicine

My Dog Has Cancer. What Can I Do?: Nola's Wellness Guide & Journey with Holistic Medicine

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Author: Heather Diers

EISBN: 9781504349659

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 215

Publisher: Balboa Press


While documenting Nola’s journey with cancer and holistic medicine, I gathered information that can now guide you through every stage of your dog’s cancer. After completing hundreds of hours of research and taking a great team of veterinarians’ advice, I have created an economical, cancer-fighting and immune-building protocol, for any canine (or human!) fighting cancer. I explain how cancer works in the body and how to create a cancer-killing environment with, wait for it…FOOD!
How you treat the body will affect the outcome
—this thought should empower you!

Although we were able to turn a “three-months-to-live” diagnosis into a year of great quality of life for our girl, I believe we could have prolonged her life even longer if we had started with the protocol with which we ended – shared in My Dog Has Cancer. What Can I Do? Nola had a fast-spreading, incurable cancer, osteosarcoma, which would not wait for me to catch up on my research. My mission is to save you time, so you can start fighting cancer immediately. The intent is not to persuade you to do exactly as we did; I also share our mistakes and changes I would consider, if faced with the same circumstances again.

This protocol should not replace the care of your veterinarian and other necessary medical providers. Always inform them of all food and supplements in your protocol, before giving them to your pet. I am not a veterinarian, but I worked closely with my veterinarian, who practices both Western and holistic medicine, while building our protocol to treat Nola’s cancer.

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