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Omega 3,6,9 for Dogs - Treats - All-Natural Omega Flax Seed, Chia Seed and Fish - Supports Immune System, Heart Health and Shiny Coat - 65 Soft Chews

Omega 3,6,9 for Dogs - Treats - All-Natural Omega Flax Seed, Chia Seed and Fish - Supports Immune System, Heart Health and Shiny Coat - 65 Soft Chews

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Brand: Particular Paws


  • PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN & COAT: Who doesn't love to pet their dog? Unfortunately, your dog's coat and skin can be negatively affected by age, weather, allergies and more. Our Skin and Coat Supplement is here to help. Regular use will help your dog's coat become full, soft and luxurious. Also helps skin stay soft, hydrated and itch-free.
  • FIGHTS FLEAS & TICKS: Garlic, yeast and other natural ingredients help your dog stay free from fleas, ticks and other bugs. Contains no harsh toxins, pesticides or other harmful chemicals. But don't worry - regular use of these treats won't cause your dog to smell bad. Only the pests will stay away!
  • EASY TO USE: Simply give your dog between two to four treats each day (depending on weight). Easy and effective. Many pet owners find these treats to be a simpler, safer alternative to flea baths, spray, collars and other harsh pest control methods. Treats are designed to be tasty and appealing to dogs.
  • THE POWER OF OMEGA FATTY ACIDS: These essential vitamins help support healthy skin and hair development. Contains Omega 3 (an anti-inflammatory), Omega 6 (which helps control allergies) and Omega 9 (which helps muscle and skin development). Aside from skin and hair health, these essential Omega acids also promote improved kidney, heart and immune system function.
  • 100% HASSLE-FREE REFUNDS: You'll be able to see and feel the benefits to your dog's coat and skin - or we'll give you a complete refund. All products are made in the U.S. in specialized, GMP-compliant facilities. We stand behind our products 100%. If you or your pet aren't completely satisfied, we'll refund your entire purchase price with no questions asked.


Is your dog suffering from dandruff, itchy skin, brittle hair or other dermatological problems?

Particular Paws Skin and Coat Supplement is a Safe, Non-Toxic and Effective Way to Help Maintain a Healthy Coat and Soft Skin for Your Dog.

The secret to these treats is in the power of Omega Fatty acids. Omega 3, 6 and 9 are essential vitamins which help promote healthy skin and hair care development.

You're not simply rubbing an ointment on an existing problem! Instead, you're helping promote natural remedies for brittle hair and dry skin.

Omega 3 (found in fish) and Omega 6 (found in vegetable oils) work TOGETHER to strengthen and repair skin and hair. They also help reduce inflammation and allergies.

Plus, each treat also contains Omega 9. This fatty acid helps promote strong, healthy skin and muscle growth. You won't find Omega 9 in many other canine skin care remedies!

Omega fatty acids help more than just skin and hair. They also promote improved function of the kidneys, immune system, heart and brain!

The Easy, Effective Solution for Skin and Hair Problems

Dogs love these tasty treats! Simply give your dog between two and four a day, depending on weight. You can feed them to your dog directly or easily mix them in with wet or dry food.

Say goodbye to cumbersome flea collars, sticky flea sprays and time-consuming flea baths!

Today with No Risk

If you or your dog aren't completely satisfied, we'll give you a complete refund. Our no-hassle return policy.

At Particular Paws, we don't just make healthy, all-natural products for dogs and cats - we use those products on our own pets, too! All products are manufactured in a GMP compliant facility under the careful supervision of veterinary experts.

Your Dog Deserves a Healthy, Soft Coat and Skin! Say Goodbye to Fleas and Ticks the All-Natural Way!

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