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Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer

Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer

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Author: Dr. Steven Eisen

EISBN: 9781615509256

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 104

Details: When his 11-year-old Lhasa Apso, Fergie, was diagnosed with lymphoma, a deadly cancer, Dr. Steven Eisen decided not to rely on standard veterinary care but to apply his own specialist expertise to the case and to treat his dog holistically. He knew from his prior research that a skillfully tailored diet, plus natural supplements, would often achieve cures without the downsides of conventional medicine. His instincts were validated: Fergie was restored to health, confounding her vet's prognosis that she would live no more than six weeks by surviving for almost two and a half years and reaching normal life expectancy for her breed. Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer describes in detail the broad protocol Dr. Eisen used to rescue Fergie from her death sentence and explains how to customize it for one's own dog. While acknowledging that each owner must make a personal decision on the relative merits of conventional and holistic approaches, he presents a powerful case for questioning the use of toxic, invasive, and high-priced methods that too often end in grief. Unlike most books on dog cancer treatments, which are overstuffed and overwhelming to the average dog owner, this guide is tightly focused on the need to act wisely right away. In just 80 pages, Dr. Eisen clearly explains the five steps of the healing protocol, beginning with the elimination of toxins from the body, from the immediate environment, and from every item the dog consumes; continuing with the easy preparation of an anti-cancer diet; then moving on to immune enhancement, enzyme therapy, and the use of vitamins, herbs, and other supplements. The totality of information distilled by Dr. Eisen cannot currently be found in any other single source. Certain key transformative supplements, for example, are overlooked by every other book surveying the range of holistic options. For dog owners seeking a benign, proven approach to the healing of their pets' cancer, this is the indispensable roadmap.

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