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1 Pack - Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste 100G - Anti-Gingivitis Plague And Stops Bleeding Gums

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Problems with your teeth or gums ? Stop bleeding gums when brushing with Yunnan Baiyao's world class forrmula toothpaste. Active ingredients for oral improvement and protection. 

Yunnan Baiyao is a extremely prestigious medical company in China and they have decided to add their secret ingredients for those of you who have sensitive gums. Avoid perioral acne ( Periorificial dermatitis ) by using the Yunnan Baiyao formulation. 

Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste is also stellar for bad breath , aches from growing a wisdom tooth , and other toothaches

Also available in a value 5 pack ,10 pack and 100 pack , Use the drop down menu to select 

And yes , these can be used for your dog if needed , and it will have the same exact benefits

  • 100G ( 3.5 Oz )
  • Reduces gingivitis symptoms and reduce bleeding gums
  • Repair oral ulcers faster and promotes gum conditions.
  • Enhances oral gum resistance and prevents cavities.
  • Mint flavoured

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