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How Can My Dog Benefit From Yunnan Baiyao

Using Yunnan Baiyao for More than Just Your Dog's Cancer

Yunnan Baiyao is a great method for treating your dog's cancer, but it can do much more for them than just that. Here's how to use Yunnan Baiyao for your dog.


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The high cancer rate of 50% in large-breed dogs over 10 years old has been a worrisome statistic for many dog owners. Thankfully, the introduction of the medication Yunnan Baiyao into the U.S market has been a welcome solution for managing the disease.

As cliché...

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The Benefits of Holistic Healing Options for Cancer in Dogs

If you're looking for an alternative treatment for your dog's cancer, holistic healing is what you need for your furry friend. Read on for all the benefits.



There is nothing more difficult for pet owners than receiving a cancer diagnosis for your companion. You can tell your pet is suffering and at the same time, you are scared about the outcome. 

You're ready to do anything to help. Unfortunately, the entire process can be frustrating.

Canine cancer is deadly serious. Incidents of cancer in dogs are on the rise. 

And for...

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Yunnan Baiyao: Another Method to Naturally Manage Canine Cancer Tumors

Yunnan Baiyao: How to Naturally Manage Canine Cancer

When a pet is suffering, we'll do anything we can to provide relief. Yunnan Baiyao is just one natural remedy that can soothe what ails them. Here are more.


Learning that your beloved canine companion has been diagnosed with cancer is a difficult and heartbreaking experience. You may be wondering what the next steps are, and what your furry friend's future will be like.

We put together a great guide to understanding canine cancer and how alternative medicines like Yunnan Baiyao can help.

First, let's look at exactly what Yunnan Baiyao...

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A Holistic Diet Treatment Instead of Conventional Chemo and Radiation Therapy For Your Dog.


So it’s been 10 years since your best friend came into your life,

remembering the day you brought your dog home when it was just a small puppy. All those feelings rush back into you when you walk out of the vet’s office with a dog cancer prognosis. Your aging dog has just been hit with the number one killer of dogs – Cancer

What to do now?

The veterinarian recommends conventional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. These are the go to procedures when dealing with dog cancer,...

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Your Holistic Approach and Options in Fighting Dog Cancer


News of a cancer diagnosis is a very distressing experience for every dog owner.


The sheer feeling of helplessness often overwhelms many people as they watch life seep slowly and painfully from their pet as the day’s drag on. It is a heartbreaking experience that can take a huge emotional toll from any pet owners.

There is also a sad truth attached to dogs and cancer. Most dogs are diagnosed with cancer after 10 years of age, with some getting it at 8 or 9 years old. If...

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