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Important Things For a First Aid Kit - Yunnan Baiyao Tops The List

Why You Should Keep Yunnan Baiyao in Your First Aid Kit

first aid kit from yunnan baiyao

There are so many different lotions and potions and elixirs in the world today—each one claiming to be more fabulous than the last. How can you tell which ones can truly make a difference in your family’s health when you need it? While there are some things that are just a given—such as the ability of hydrogen peroxide to kill nearly any kind of germ—there are just as many options on the market that seem tailor made...

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Top 10 Conditions That Yunnan Baiyao Plaster Can Soothe.

Alleviate back pains and sores on your body 


pain relieving patch plaster


Yunnan Baiyao Plasters Are Known To Help With Aches And Sores , But What Specific Ailments Do They Work With Best ? We Compiled A Top 10 List.

1.) Dislocated shoulder - Plasters for pain are common in Asia and Yunnan Baiyao has the all natural herbal formula to sooth with a heating power. 

2.) Sprained ankle - Cut a plaster in half and apply it to a more detailed area that is painful. Stretched...

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What Is Yunnan Baiyao ? And Whats Is It's History ?

what is YNBY

What the heck is Yunnan Baiyao ? 


control dog tumor bleeding treatmentLets first see what the name Yunnan Baiyao stands for. Yunnan Baiyao literally means " White medicine from Yunnan " ,Yunnan is a beautiful province in China with an abundance of rare and useful medicine herbs. It's well known for its strong ability to stop bleeding caused by ailments or injuries. Reports of its success for numerous treatments have been well documented and the treatment can be...

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