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Cancer Prevention Blog

How a Poor Diet Can Cause Gastric Cancer in Dogs

sick dog

No matter how busy you are, or on a very tight budget, one very important thing is you want to make sure that your dog is eating as healthily as it should.


You may think that what you feed your dog doesn't matter, dogs will eat anything and look happy and they'll probably eat anything you put in front of them! 

Still, did you know that certain additives in dog food can cause gastric cancer in dogs?

It's always difficult to hear that the most accessible food for your pet is...

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Don't Let Dog Skin Cancer Affect Your Dog

sick dog cancer help


Many pet owners are unaware that their furry friends can get cancer too. It is the last thing pet owners are thinking of when cuddling up with their new puppy.


That's a scary thought when you consider than one in four dogs will develop some kind of cancer with dog skin cancer right at the top of the list. Being correctly informed can increase your chances of avoiding this later on...

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Things You Wouldn't Guess Cause Skin Cancer in Dogs

Many of us love our canine friends like they're part of our family, and with good reason. Our dogs can provide love and companionship for well over a decade if we're lucky.

With that kind of bond, it only makes sense that we'd like to do everything we can to keep them healthy and fit, but it's not always easy. Dogs don't remember to look both ways when they cross the street, and they certainly don't mind drinking out of puddles.

That means in many cases it's...

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