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April 04, 2016 2 min read



pain relieving patch plaster



Alleviate chronic back pains and sores on your body 

Yunnan Baiyao Plasters Are Known To Help With Aches And Sores , But What Specific Ailments Do They Work With Best ?

We Compiled A Top 10 List.

1.) Dislocated shoulder - Plasters for pain are common in Asia and Yunnan Baiyao has the all natural herbal formula to sooth a dislocated shoulder with a heating power. The herbal blend also promotes faster healing of the dislocation.

2.) Sprained ankle - Cut a plaster in half and apply it to a more detailed area that is painful. Stretched or torn ligaments are not a joke. Yunnan Baiyao patches can help reduce swelling and pain before healing.

3.) Lower back pains - Sometimes you get this from lifting heavy things such as furniture or lift weights. If you experience chronic lower back pains and aches, Yunnan Baiyao's patch can help improve the condition. The patches are also ideal for lower back pains from sitting too much in front of a office chair or screen.

4.) Shoulder impingement - Natural and chemical free - Yunnan Baiyao plasters will help you live active life again after a should accident,

5.) Lower leg pain - All day long , your legs are taking a pounding from your upper body against the hard ground. They do get overworked and YBNY plasters are a great remedy for getting you back on your feet. It is also a great remedy for runners with tight muscles.

6.) Neck Strain - Sometimes is by exercise , sometimes is by a bad sleep posture. It just hurts when you turn your head. Neck pains affect millions of Americans every day. Don't let it affect you to work or play , use Yunnan Baiyao pain relieving patches and say goodbye to neck strain pains.

7.) Arthritis - powerful pain fighting ingredients in Yunnan Baiyao plasters can help reduce pain and swelling. Stiffness can also be improved depending on condition. Overall improving quality of life for the millions of Americans suffering from arthritis pains.

8.) Large bruises - bruises are typically blood cells that are damaged beneath your skin, Yunnan Baiyao is known to stop external and internal bleeding. Using a YNBY patch also amplifies this blood reduction property. Bruises typically heal 50% quicker when YNBY pain relieving patch is used. Swelling is also notably gone quicker as opposed to not using the patch.

9.) Arthralgia ( Joint pains ) - Temporary relief of pains and minor aches in your joints for up to 12 hours.

10.) Swelling - Speed up the healing process for any minor swelling , everyone gets hurt once in a while from sports , exercising and other rigorous activities. Don't let the swelling get the better of you and use Yunnan Baiyao plasters to relief and reduce swelling quickly.


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