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August 11, 2021 2 min read

Chinese Traditional Medicine offers cures that most Westerners can’t believe are possible—yet they have been used and trusted for thousands of years. One of these so-called “wonder drugs” is Yunnan Baiyao, a blend of several different herbs and ingredients that are able to help stop hemorrhages and bleeding when taken together. The simplicity of the treatment and the fact that it is so natural is what attracts many people to staples of natural Chinese medicine such as Yunnan baiyao, which can also be used to help control bleeding from cancerous tumors in dogs.

How Yunnan Baiyao Works

Dog cloths in the blood streamWhile the actual recipe is a very closely guarded secret, it is known that Yunnan baiyao contains various yam roots, pseudo ginseng, sweet geranium and even ox gall bladder. All of these ingredients work together to quickly form clots in the blood stream, which can stop bleeding very quickly and effectively. This supplement can be used either externally on a wound, or ingested in order to help internal bleeding stop almost immediately.

This is especially important in situations where dogs have a cancerous tumor that ruptures and begins bleeding uncontrollably. While there are contraindications for many Western drugs, Yunnan baiyao can be safely used to effectively stop the bleeding. 


External Use

While Yunnan baiyao generally comes in capsule form for ease of delivery to dogs, if you do need to apply it to an external wound simply pull apart the capsule and sprinkle the contents onto the wound. This particular treatment is generally considered safe for dogs, especially when used under the advisement of your veterinarian. Note, Yunnan baiyao is not recommended for use on dogs who are pregnant or nursing as the effects of the medicine are not proven.

Quick Stop to Scary Bleeding

Yunnan baiyao CapsuleWhen your pet is hurting, or scared, or bleeding you want to do anything you can do to help get it stopped quickly. Internal bleeding tumors in dogs can go for quite a while before you realize that anything is wrong; but when they start causing trouble for your pet they can be in bad shape before you realize it. Fortunately, Yunnan baiyao can help restore your dog to health if they are suffering from excess bleeding from tumors or cancer by quickly stopping the bleeding from either internal or external sources.
While it is important to follow dosage instructions and to limit the medicine to every other day to avoid elevated liver enzyme levels, Yunnan bai yao is generally a safe and effective alternative to dosing your pet with unnatural drugs to provide them with relief from their bleeding and tumors.

Arevik Khachatryan
Arevik Khachatryan

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