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June 06, 2016 2 min read

Our pets mean the world to us; and we often spend ten years or more of our lives with them as our constant and loving companions. This can make it really difficult to hear the news that your beloved canine has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, arthritis, abnormal heart rhythms or other signs of less than ideal health.

We can’t bear the thought of losing our loving pets sooner than necessary, and want to see them as comfortable and as happy as possible during their years with us. Ancient Chinese medicine has provided us with many natural alternatives to Western medicine, and with Yunnan baiyao we have yet another option to help ensure our pet’s long-term well-being or maintaining quality of life during sick times.

Here are the Top 6 symptoms and conditions that Yunnan Baiyao can help support your dog’s health and maintain quality of life during hard times:

Stopping Internal Bleeding Naturally

Yunnan baiyao has a capsule or powder form, and when ingested internally it can curb bleeding safely and effectively. Effective almost immediately and helps your dog cope with bleeding internal tumor right away. 





Stop Internal Bleeding


These are often-deadly cancers that can grow on your dog’s internal livers or spleen and highly metastatic. While treatable with surgery and chemotherapy, the side effects of these treatments may be nearly as painful as the cure as they can cause excessive bleeding. Yunnan baiyao can help slow down blood loss while helping your pet heal.


Arthritis is found in many middle-aged and older dogs, and can lead to a much reduced quality of life. Adding Yunnan baiyao to their diet as often as every other day can slow the onset of this insidious disease and provide relief from painful swollen joints as well.



help reduce my dogs swollen joints


Supporting Immune System Functions

Your pet’s body is normally a well-oiled machine, but when things like their immune system begin to break down, it can wreak havoc on their overall health status. Yunnan baiyao is shown to improve immune system functions in your pet, as long as it is not overused

External Open Wounds

Aside from internal bleeding, you can also break open the capsules and sprinkle the Yunnan Baiyao on the wound to cause it to stop bleeding quickly and safely. Watch the would close up and heal nicely after 24 hours


Your pet can experience swelling for any number of reasons—as a side effect of arthritis or from some other physical injury. Yunnan baiyao supports healing by helping reduce inflammation and ensure that blood flows appropriately to the area but is not pooling.

These are only a few of the ways that Yunnan Baiyao can help support your pet’s healthy immune system and overall well-being.

If your dog has hard to control symptoms or conditions , try Yunnan Baiyao now and see the difference of how your dog’s quality of life can improve.

Yunnan Baiyao Store
Yunnan Baiyao Store

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