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April 14, 2015 2 min read

What the heck is Yunnan Baiyao ? 


control dog tumor bleeding treatmentLets first see what the name Yunnan Baiyao stands for. Yunnan Baiyao literally means " White medicine from Yunnan " ,Yunnan is a beautiful province in China with an abundance of rare and useful medicine herbs. It's well known for its strong ability to stop bleeding caused by ailments or injuries. Reports of its success for numerous treatments have been well documented and the treatment can be taken internally or applied topically. 


Historic facts

Yunnan Baiyao ProductsYunnan Paiyao was formulated in 1916 by Qu Huanzhang, a Chinese physician in Yunnan,China. Claims have been made that the original formula of Yunnan Baiyao was altered during the Chinese cultural revolution. This was due to the fact that manufacturers were forced to give up their proprietary control and reveal the ingredients. In 1956 , industrial scale production began at the Yunnan Baiyao factory. North Vietnamese fighters were reported to have carrying YNBY as a battlefield critical injury remedy during the 1970's. Finally in 1980 , research began on this "Miracle drug".In China, YNBY is a well know and acclaimed medicine that is stillcurrently being used by research facilities and hospitals nation-wide. Since the western world knew about this drug , it has been introduced to many dogs and cats that need a alternative way to stop internal bleeding.

What is it ingredients and what does it do ?

Til this day , the Yunnan Baiyao formula is kept a state secret and its obscure. A main ingredient - Sanqi (Panax notoginseng) is noted by numerous Chinese medicine practitioners. This ingredient is believed to be  a agent of anti-bleeding and reducing hemorrhage. All other ingredients are also 100% natural and are not synthesized. In additional , there have been suggestions that the stop bleeding properties of Yunnan Baiyao may be caused by the presence of nano-fibers which cause the blood platelets to aggregate, this explains why such a minimal dosage of herbal material can be used for such a helpful effect.

Does it work and exactly how effective and helpful is Yunnan Baiyao ?

During the time frame of 1985 - 1995 , multiple Chinese and western researchers have concluded that Yunnan Baiyao is a very useful remedy for multiple conditions for surgical disorders and injuries. More recent research in China's Peking University also confirms it's effective properties for surgical operations. Researchers in the Peking University administered Yunnan Baiyao to patients 3 days before their surgical procedures , and noted greatly reduced bleeding during and immediately after surgery by at least 30%. Researchers also gave patients Yunnan Baiyao for a few days post surgery , and swelling was reduced and controlled significantly. Other Chinese medical literature also states in case of very severe bleeding and all methods have failed to reduce effect , Yunnan Baiyao can be used as a last line of defence in emergencies. 

Western practitioners who know about Yunnan Baiyao are especially attracted due to the relatively affordable cost and the convenient administration of capsules. Dogs are always our best friend , and Yunnan Baiyao and be extremely helpful to improved the quality of life for many sick or post surgery dogs.

Yunnan Baiyao Store
Yunnan Baiyao Store

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