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March 04, 2019 5 min read


Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids



Oftentimes, we misused the term hemorrhoids to describe the irritating, unpleasant and sometimes painful and bleeding bulge in our anus. But they are in fact a vital part of our digestive tract. Hemorrhoids are cushion-like piles of veins under the mucous lining located in the lowest part of the rectum and anus area. They work to aid bowel movement, protecting the anal skin during defecation or passing of the stool.


As part of the normal anatomy of the anal canal, hemorrhoids don’t cause any problems unless they get strained, distended or stretched. This condition will lead hemorrhoids to swelland get inflamed, comparable to varicose veins in the legs. Although the specific medical cause is not fully discovered, physicians believe that increased pressure in the anorectalarea leads to swollen hemorrhoids. Therefore reasons such as irregular bowel movements like constipation and diarrhea, obesity, pregnancy, and straining physical activities like long periods of sitting or standing up and lifting heavy objects can cause hemorrhoids to pool and to enlarge.


Both men and women are vulnerable to having hemorrhoids, but it is more common among people over 50, since aging causes the connective tissue along the anal canal and rectum to weaken, resulting to engorging veins. The occurrence of hemorrhoids are quite typical even to healthy persons, an estimated one-third of patients experiencing inflammation of veins in the anus and rectum don’t have any medical conditions.

Two Types of Hemorrhoids

Typically, the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids are based on where the inflamed tissue is located. Knowing the type of hemorrhoid may help patients find relief and seek the needed medical assistance to prevent its severity.


External Hemorrhoid

This type appears around the outer portion of the anal canal, which are the veins and tissue lining near the opening of the anus. Generally, they don’t manifest any unpleasant feelings or irritation, but once thrombosedexternal hemorrhoids flare-up and swell causing irritation, discomfort, and sometimes severe rectal pain and bleeding. Factors including poor hygiene, low fiber consumption, dehydration, and strenuous physical activities can add up to inflammation and blood clotting. Pain could last for two to three days, and swelling usually takes at least a week to subside. A skin tag may develop after its treatment.


Internal Hemorrhoid

This type develops in the rectum, making it unnoticeable until it gets irritated and strained during or after defecating. Internal hemorrhoids usually don’t cause any discomfort, but due to constipation or hard stools, they get distended that leads to bright red bleeding. In most cases, these enlarged and swollen veins may be pushed outside the anal sphincter and become what is called prolapsed hemorrhoid. When this condition happens, patients experience uneasiness due to the protruded vein in the anal cavity and pain during bowel movements, prolapsed hemorrhoid will eventually go back inside on their own, but it can be pushed gently inside.

The Cause of Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Regardless of its commonality, having hemorrhoids is not a comfortable topic to discuss with anyone, even with professional healthcare providers. Most people who suffer from hemorrhoids disregard its early signs and leave it to heal on its own. However, its occasional swelling and inflammation can truly be a great bothersome, especially when it gets infected and cause another discomfort.


The severity of hemorrhoids becomes more apparent when it begins to pass blood during defecation of hard stools. This happens when the wall protecting hemorrhoid gets ripped or torn due to straining and stretching. Both types of hemorrhoids – external and internal are at high risk of damage and bleeding. Thrombosed hemorrhoids may even burst and lead to excessive blood flow when the bulge gets too engorged and filled. Damaged hemorrhoids will heal on its own, but the pain and bleeding would take up to days to fully stop.

Treating Hemorrhoids the Natural Way

Fortunately, remedies and products for bleedinghemorrhoids are available in most households and over-the-counter, which is natural and can be used instantly with proper application and procedure.


Here are the top three natural ways to cure bloody hemorrhoids:  

1. Taking Sitz Bath

This is one of the most suggested remedies during hemorrhoid problems, to be taken conveniently at home. Sitz bath which literally means “to sit” is done to soothe irritation pain and discomfort in the perineum, even in the buttocks and hips. This procedure can be done in a bathtub or in a portable washbasin, which can be bought in medical supplies stores and specially manufactured to fit in a toilet seat for a comfortable sitting position. Sitz bath is proven to give relief to people enduring anal and genital ailments like hemorrhoids, anal fissure, herpes, or chronic constipation. Even women who just gave birth or undergone any anogenitalsurgery are advised to take sitz bath to soothe and to speed up healing of surgical tears and wounds after a vaginal delivery.



Regardless of where the sitz bath will take place, the essential part is to make the warmness of the water soothing and therapeutic, enough for the patient to soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Usual additives are Epsom salt, witch hazel, vinegar, baking soda or sea salt (non-iodized). Although, most sitz bath can be taken with only warm water, mixing other at-home ingredients may promote healing and inhibit the growth of bacteria that leads to infection.

2. Applying Natural Medications 

There are several over-the-counter medications for hemorrhoids that are easily purchased without the need for any doctor’s prescription. However, the challenge is to know which ones are really effective and could calm down the swelling and stop the hemorrhage.


Normally, patients rely on topical creams, ointments, cooling pads, suppositories, and oral medications bought in drugstores can offer aid for inflammation and pain. There are a number of brands and kinds to choose from depending on how patients want to use it.


One recommended and trusted a product that can be purchased online is the Yunnan Baiyao products that provide fast and safe relief to swelling, pain and acute bleeding. Patients may opt for a variety of Yunnan Baiyao natural medicines, such as in powder or capsuleform, which they can take according to its instructions and find an instant and effective cure for bleeding hemorrhoids.    

3. Having a lifestyle change

Since the typical culprits of irritated and inflamed hemorrhoids are passing of hard stools or irregular bowel habits, the most natural way is to change activities causing these conditions. There are numerous reasons and everyday habits that may affect our normal body systems and processes starting from poor diet, stress and daily work or physical activities. Therefore, choosing food that is nutritious, drinking enough water, avoiding sleep deprivation and exercising regularly are just some of the healthy ways to cure illnesses.


Natural Medications


Food consumption is a very critical factor for digestive health. Increasing high-fiber nourishment along with lots of liquid intakes can support proper digestion and help passing soft stools. Fiber supplements for those who are not into veggies and greens are effective in preventing hemorrhoids to bleed, enlarge and be painful.


Another is getting physically active through exercise, whether at the gym, inside the house or outdoors. Moderate aerobic workouts like slow jogs, dancing, brisk walking for a duration of 20-30 minutes a day can stimulate bowel movement and lessen everyday stress from work.


Although having a healthy lifestyle does not give a 100% assurance of not developing any ailments like hemorrhoids, it can prevent the gravity of its symptoms and could definitely improve the body’s immunity and resiliency. It is always best to prevent diseases and physical damages through natural methods rather than depend on artificially made drugs or medical procedures that are costly.



Marie Lazo
Marie Lazo

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