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January 27, 2022 6 min read

This article will discuss a lot of things to know about your dog's bleeding nails. You'll learn why they bleed, the consequences of this, and how to stop or treat it.

Why Do Dog Nails Bleed?

When you see a dog's nails bleeding, it's most likely because they were trimmed too short. Bleeding is a natural result when your dog's nails are cut or trimmed at the quick. A delicate tissue is located at the bottom of your dog's nails. Naturally, you may blame yourself for trimming your pet's nails too short or too close to the quick, but you shouldn't. Bleeding nails is a common occurrence among pet owners. 

The point at which the dogs' nails start to narrow or curl is the right place to trim their nails. However, keeping these dogs still or calm while trimming their nails is not an easy task. As they fidget during the nail trimming exercise, it's easy for one snip to cut the quick or vein, and this is guaranteed to make your dog bleed. What if you haven't trimmed your dog's nails in a while, and yet you noticed they are bleeding?

Other common reasons behind dog nail bleeding include a torn or broken nail, the presence of foreign objects in the nails, or a cut caused by a sharp object. Some cases may be light and can be handled personally, while others will require the expertise of a veterinarian. Injuries such as a deep gash may require stitches, and a torn nail that's still dangling on its feet may require removal and immediate treatment. Again, these will need a veterinarian while you can handle injuries from the quick of your dog's feet yourself. 

It can be very painful seeing your dog in pain, and the sight of blood trickling from its nails won't make it any better. So it's essential to do something about the bleeding as quickly as possible. Your pet's feet are important to them, just as the feet of humans are necessary to humans.

What are the Consequences of a Dog's Nails Bleeding?

If your dog nails are bleeding for any reason, you must ensure the wound is cleaned and compressed quickly to prevent the following:

  • Seeing your dog in pain: If you've ever trimmed your nails too short, had your nail torn, or got your feet cut, you can imagine the agony it causes when you start bleeding. Unfortunately, this is precisely what your dog will experience if you neglect their bleeding nails.
  • The development of an infection: Neglecting the bleeding nails of your dog can cause the wound to fester and develop an infection. This can escalate the situation and make it life-threatening, and your dog will require more treatment than it needed initially.
  • The lesser quality of life: Bleeding nails impairs movement, and your dog may be crippled (depending on the degree of injury) till the wound is treated. In the case of less severe injuries, their blood can mess up your furniture and floors. 


How to Stop A Dog's Nails From Bleeding?

There are multiple ways to stop or control the bleeding when your pet's quick has been cut:

1.   By Using Styptic Powder

This is a very common way to stop bleeding. The styptic powder contains a mineral compound known as ferric subsulfate. The function of this mineral compound is anti-hemorrhaging. In addition, it's capable of thinning the blood vessels, which will result in clotting the flow of blood. Within 2 minutes or thereabouts, the bleeding should stop.

Styptic powder also contains a topical anesthetic called Benzocaine, which relieves pain. This medication is applied on the quick or the spot of the injury. The most commonly used styptic powder among pet groomers and veterinary doctors is Kwik Stop. This powder can be purchased from several specialty pet stores. When your dog's nails are bleeding, turn some powder into the cap and slowly press your dog's nail into it for about a minute.

While at it, ensure that your dog is not fidgeting. Once the bleeding has ceased, thoroughly rinse the cap. 

2.   Use Gauze, Bandages, or Dog Boot

If you've applied medication and the bleeding doesn't stop, you can wrap gauze around the wound to aid in blood clotting. However, wrapping gauze applies pressure on the nail, and it also makes sure that the dog is not able to pick their nails or wounds. Another thing, it prevents the dog from walking on its wounded foot, which can increase the bleeding. Start by wrapping above the wrist/ankle of your dog so that it doesn't fall off or loosen.

Many dogs are prone to licking or nipping at their healing injuries, so you should consider bandaging the wrapping to secure it further. If there's no wrapping available, you can alternate with a clean tube sock. Simply slip the sock over your dog's paw until it's curled up against the bleeding nail, then tape the tube part to the dog's ankle/wrist. If there's no wrapping or tube sock, use a dog boot, it serves the same function.

3.   By Using Yunnan Baiyao (The BEST Way)

This medicine is completely natural and organic. It stops bleeding caused by swelling, cuts, nail issues, scrapes, and other similar causes. Yunnan Baiyao is a well-known Chinese remedy for short-term bleeding in humans, horses, and of course, dogs. Chinese medicine men have used this medication to stop bleeding for over a century. The beauty of this medicine is that it isn't limited to external bleeding; it's also helpful to internal bleeding, for example, cancer bleeding.

Yunnan Baiyao is available in capsule and powder form. If you are particular about getting the current dosage, the capsule form should be your go-to option. While the capsule form is administered orally, the powder form is administered topically. The capsule form, because of its method of application, enhances circulation. 

Yunnan Baiyao's versatility as a healing medicine is rivaled by only a few products on the market. It can be used directly on wounds, like first aid, and its application (depending on its form) can be either external or internal.


Recommended Dosage

This is based on the dogs' weight:

  • For dogs weighing 10 pounds and below, orally administer one capsule once daily.
  • For dogs that weigh between 10-30 pounds, orally administer one capsule twice daily.
  • For dogs weighing between 30-60 pounds, orally administer two capsules twice daily.
  • For dogs weighing above 60 pounds, orally administer two capsules thrice daily.

To treat external wounds such as tumors, cuts, and so on, open a capsule, which is about 250 mg, and pour its content on the affected part.



One should avoid administering Yunnan Baiyao daily. Instead, you can administer this medicine on alternating days (one day on, one day off). Studies on the medicine have shown that continuous daily usage over a long period can enhance liver markers.


Benefits of Using Yunnan Baiyao for your Dog's Bleeding Nails

The below benefits will be enjoyed by using this medicine to treat your pet's injuries:

  • Lowers blood stasis
  • Stops or reduce bleeding
  • Alleviates pain or swelling
  • Detoxifies
  • Clots blood in record time and with less inflammation


Other Conditions Yunnan Baiyao can Treat

Aside from treating a dog's bleeding nails, this medicine can also treat the following:

  • Dog's nose bleeding
  • Dog's retinal bleeding or trauma
  • Bleeding gums (caused by inflammation)
  • Hemoabdomens
  • Pericardial effusions
  • Chronic bleeding
  • Damaged blood vessels and bruising
  • Hemangiosarcoma
  • Pre and Post-surgery
  • Hematoma
  • Enhanced bleeding triggered by chemotherapy
  • Heavy periods
  • Bleeding disorders

How to Locate the Quick?

To properly cut or trim your dog's nails, you must know where the quick starts from. The quick is to a dog what a nail bed is to humans. The quick contains nerve endings, connective tissue, and skin tissue.

Dogs with lighter nails have quicks that are easy to find because they're pink in color. On the other hand, dogs with darker nails have quicks that are harder to find. In the case of the latter, the chances are high that you won't see their quicks till you begin trimming the nails.

How to Prevent your Dog's Nails from Bleeding?

To avoid injuries by cutting into the quick, make tiny snips at the nail and examine the inside of the nail after each snip. You should be looking for a grey or white dot in the nail's center. The closer you get to the quick, the more visible the dot will be. When you start to see the circle, stop cutting the nails with a clipper and pick up a Dremel to properly shave down the nails. 

Final Thoughts

Aside from the solutions mentioned above to a dog's bleeding nails, there are other alternatives as well. For instance, natural home remedies such as cornstarch or baking soda can help treat your dog's wounds. First, you need to add some water to either your cornstarch or baking soda to make it into a paste. Then, use a cotton swab to apply it to the affected area.


Ejder Kurt
Ejder Kurt

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