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June 26, 2016 2 min read

Why You Should Keep Yunnan Baiyao in Your First Aid Kit

first aid kit from yunnan baiyao

There are so many different lotions and potions and elixirs in the world today—each one claiming to be more fabulous than the last. How can you tell which ones can truly make a difference in your family’s health when you need it? While there are some things that are just a given—such as the ability of hydrogen peroxide to kill nearly any kind of germ—there are just as many options on the market that seem tailor made to separate people from their money. However, this is not the case with Yunnan baiyao, an ancient Chinese medicine that can help keep bleeding under control.

Special Ingredients

If you’ve never heard of Yunnan baiyao, it’s not surprising as this natural remedy has been kept under wraps by the Chinese government—who still closely guard the secret of what exactly is in the medicine. While a few of the ingredients are thought to be pseudo ginseng, various forms of yams and geraniums, there are no standard ingredients lists available for review. Taken together, these ingredients can seriously stanch bleeding and even provide pain relief and anti-inflammatory support to your body and that of your pets

Battlefield Tested

Legend and written history has it that North Vietnamese soldiers carried Yunnan baiyao on the battlefield to treat their wounded as an emergency procedure during the 1970s. This helped prevent thousands of lives from perishing due to blood loss. The healing properties of Yunnan Baiyao helped reduce and stop blood loss on the battlefield until the wounded were able to get to a safe place for proper treatment of injuries and wounds.

Also known as Yunnan Paiyao, this herbal remedy has been used for many years and is currently in large-scale production in China—although most workers are not even sure of the exact proprietary formula.


Yunnan baiyao comes in a few different preparations, but the most often used are small capsules that contain around 4 grams of the powder mixture. While Yunnan baiyao can be taken internally, keeping it in your first aid kit means you would more likely need to break the small capsules apart and sprinkle the contents on your open wound to promote healing.

Keeping It Handy

Adding Yunnan baiyao to your first aid kit means you’ll always be prepared for serious injuries—something that a little antibiotic ointment and a band-aid is probably not going to help with. Knife cuts that bleed excessively or other superficial wounds are well-served by having Yunnan baiyao on hand to stop the bleeding quickly and to help the cut start to heal.

Why spend money on modern treatments when the more natural ancient Chinese medicines work even better? Keep some Yunnan baiyao on hand for your first aid kit and you will be glad that you did.

Yunnan Baiyao Store
Yunnan Baiyao Store

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