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July 07, 2018 5 min read

Most of us have at one point in life had to deal with back pain. We can all agree that living with back pain is not a pleasant experience at all. There is a misconception that back pain is a problem that affects people as they age but that is not entirely true. Although older people are more prone to developing back pain, it does not mean that younger people are entirely immune from it. Back pain causes can vary from work strain, poor sitting posture, poor sleeping habits, pregnancy, and some health conditions.

Typically, back pain subsides after a few weeks if it is a result of poor lifestyle habits. It may, however, take longer if it is a result of underlying medical issues such as cancer or shingles. If you are experiencing back pain, you can manage it with the help of back pain relieving patches that help reduce the pain and fast-track the recovery process. If your back pain lasts more than a few weeks, then it would be advisable to visit a doctor as it could be a symptom of a more serious health condition. Now let us go through our top five picks for back pain relieving patches.


Yunnan Baiyao analgesic plaster patch


Yunnan Baiyao plaster patch is a pain relieving patch that helps eliminate aches and pains on joints and muscles. It measures 10cm X 6.5 cm but can be cut into smaller pieces to cover smaller areas on the body. Each box contains five of these pain-relieving plaster patches. The patch is lined with capsicum and menthol-based medication to help with localized pain relief. This pain relieving patch has a strong adhesive that holds it in place for hours even when worn to bed. The pain relieving effect also lasts 4-8 hours making it perfect to wear to work or bed. The adhesive on the patch does not stain or leave any residue on the skin after removing the patch.


Icy Hot medicated patch


Icy Hot medicated patch is a soft and dry medicated patch that provides fast relief for back, neck, and shoulder pain. Unlike some patches that ease pain through heat, this one has a cool tinge but gradually adapts to your body’s temperature after wearing it. The cooling effect of this back pain relieving patch comes from the menthol content in the medication contained in the patch. The medication on this patch is odorless making it undetectable and comfortable for daily wear. You can even wear it to work, and no one would notice. The patch feels like cloth on the inside which eliminates any feeling of discomfort or unnecessary stickiness when you wear it. Icy Hot medicated patch provides pain relief for 8-12 hours. The strong adhesive on this patch ensures that it remains in place even when worn to sleep. If you are looking for a comfortable medicated patch, this would be a perfect choice.


Back pain massage


Tiger Balm pain relieving patch


Tiger Balm pain relieving patch has a century old history dating back to China. Tiger Balm was formulated by herbalist Aw Chu Kin for a Chinese emperor in the late 1800s. The formula was then passed down from generation to generation. Tiger Balm pain relieving patch utilizes hot penetration action to deliver localized back pain relief to the affected area. This patch uses camphor, capsicum extract, and menthol to combat pain with the pain relief effect lasting for about 8 hours. The adhesive on this patch is strong enough to hold the patch in place for over 10 hours making it possible to wear it all day at work or during the night while sleeping.  Since these patches are latex free, you can wear them for long hours without feeling any discomfort or sweatiness. For a comfortable fit and long-lasting pain relief effect, this patch would be a good choice.


Thermalcare heat wrap

Thermalcare heat wrap is designed to provide advanced drug-free hip and back pain relief using heat therapy. This pain relief patch uses heat-generating ingredients to penetrate through muscles and eliminate deep-seated pain. The heat-generating components include charcoal, iron, table salt, and water. When worn, the pain relief effect from this heat wrap lasts for up to 16 hours, 8 hours when wearing it and 8 hours after removing it. In addition to pain relief, Thermalcare heat wrap also helps relax tense hip and back muscles. If you are worried about the smell, then you can rest easy since Thermalcare heat wrap does not produce any scent when you wear it. You can enjoy warm pain relief without smelling like a medicine cabinet. It is also quite comfortable when worn, and its strong adhesive helps keep it in place whether you are going about your day-to-day activities or sleeping in it.



Salonpas pain relieving patch


Salonpas pain relieving patch is designed to provide relief for back pain, stiff neck, sore shoulder, joint pain, and migraines. It uses menthol and camphor as its primary active ingredients to combat the pain. This pain relieving patch has an excellent fit with a strong adhesive to hold it in place even when you wear it during rigorous activities. You can wear it during the day under your clothes, and it would go unnoticed. You can also wear it to bed, and it would not come off at night. It is made of flexible material so you can wear it on joints and moving parts without feeling restrained and without it coming off. The patch lasts for 8 hours and does not leave stains or adhesive residual when taken off. Salonpas pain relieving patch is an excellent choice when you do not want to use heat-based pain relieve patches as it does not use heat to relieve pain.


In conclusion


Whether it is the result of poor lifestyle habits or the symptom of a disease, back pain is very stressful to deal with and can reduce your productivity immensely. It is essential to take necessary measures to relieve the pain so that it does not interfere with your daily life. You should, however, keep in mind that there is a considerable difference between relieving back pain and treating it. That is why we advocate for people to see an orthopaedist when they have persistent back pains so that they can get treatment for whatever is causing their pain. It is also important to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising, getting adequate sleep, and adopting the correct sitting posture as it can save you from developing neck and back pain.

Yunnan Baiyao Store
Yunnan Baiyao Store

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