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April 30, 2016 2 min read

When your pet is hurting, you want to do everything you can to help. When the problem is something as insidious and painful as the aggressive, malignant tumors that make up hemangiosarcoma, you can be left feeling helpless due to the limitations of so-called modern medicine. Fortunately, there is an alternative ancient Chinese medicine called Yunnan baiyao that can help support healing from hemangiosarcomas and reduce the internal bleeding that they can cause as well. 

What Are Hemangiosarcomas?

While hemangiosarcomas can occur in many different places throughout your pet’s body, they are most often associated with the spleen, skin, bones, heart or liver and can be classified as subcutaneous, visceral, dermal or hypodermal. While there are some genetic links that have been identified in dogs, sun exposure is also thought to play a part as well as contact with certain types of chemicals. This particular type of cancer is rarely found in humans, so the research and information surrounding it are relatively limited.

Cancer Prognosis

When suspected of having cancer, dogs are closely monitored as these cancers tend to spread very quickly. Hemangiosarcomas in particular are known to be highly aggressive—often spreading through internal organs and causing extensive damage before they are even found. Chemotherapy is one radical treatment for dogs and is also combined with surgery in an attempt to remove all of the cancerous cells. This particular form of cancer is rarely curable, and dogs tend to have complications from internal bleeding due to ruptured tumors.

How Yunnan Baiyao Helps 

golden retriever surgery yunnan bai yao

Yunnan baiyao is known to reduce bleeding and even eliminate internal bleeding—something that is very critical for dogs with this form of cancer. It may even be able to shrink the tumors much in the way radiation or chemotherapy would. Since there is a significant percentage of mid-size to larger dogs who will succumb to this type of ailment over their lifetime, having Yunnan baiyao on hand and providing it to your dogs on a regular basis could help with treatment before your furry friends even show the first symptom. With fast-moving cancers such as this, the internal bleeding that you discover could mean that it’s already too late.
Always work within your veterinarian’s recommendations, but consider adding Yunnan baiyao as part of your overall course of treatment for dogs who are bleeding internally or externally from cancerous hemangiosarcoma tumors.


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Yunnan Baiyao Store

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