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July 29, 2018 4 min read

Dog’s Ears

As a dog owner, it is always a horrifying experience to notice your dog bleeding especially from the ears. Bleeding ears is a common issue especially for dogs with floppy ears. Now, the term bleeding ears does not explicitly mean that blood is coming out of your pooch’s ears. It is a term that also describes any other discharge coming from the ear, or internal ear bleeding. Bleeding ears in dogs arises from trauma either external or self-induced from vigorous shaking, parasites like ear mites and ticks, ear infections, and cancer. So how can you tell if your dog has bleeding ears besides seeing the blood trickle from his ears?


Well, excessive head shaking and scratching are some of the primary signs of bleeding ears. Bleeding ears cause a significant level of discomfort to dogs which makes them try to relieve it the best way they know how; by scratching and shaking their heads. Head shaking might make the condition worse, but the dog is not aware of that fact. All he wants is for the discomfort to go away. Other signs include head tilting, swollen ear canal, strange ear odor, and pain when touched. Bleeding ears can be treated using home remedies and over the counter drugs, but it is imperative to take your pooch to the vet for a proper diagnosis of the cause of his bleeding ears. Let us look at the different ways that you can treat your dog’s bleeding ears.


Yunnan Baiyao herbal formula powder


This organic herbal formula powder by Yunnan Baiyao is a Chinese remedy that stops bleeding and swelling. The powder has a myriad of applications since it can stop bleeding on any body part when applied externally or ingested. The Yunnan Baiyao herbal formula powder also acts as an antiseptic and can come in handy when cleaning wounds. If your dog has bleeding ears, you can use water to clean out the ear first then apply a paste of Yunnan Biayao herbal formula powder and water to the affected area. The paste will stop the bleeding and act as an antiseptic to prevent infection. The powder’s germ-killing effect makes it ideal for regular ear cleaning when mixed with water to eradicate bacteria. Cleaning your dog’s ears with a Yunnan Baiyao herbal powder solution can also reduce the chances of ear infections. 


Zymox pet ear treatment


Zymox pet ear treatment is an enzyme-based formulation that helps treat ear inflammations and clean the ear. This formulation does not contain any antibiotics and destroys antibiotic-resistant organisms in the ear. Instead of antibiotics, this ear treatment uses enzymatic action to eliminate parasites and bacteria that cause bleeding ears and other ear infections in dogs. Besides treating ear infections, this enzymatic solution also cleans a dog’s ear canal to prevent future ear infections. When using Zymox pet ear treatment, it is advisable not to clean the dog’s ears before or during use because water interferes with the treatment’s enzyme system. To apply the treatment to your dog, pour the solution into the dog’s ear and fill the ear canal. Tilt your dog’s ear and gently massage the solution into the affected area then let the dog shake his head. The head shaking helps the solution clean the ear. Repeat the same process for the other ear. The recommended treatment duration is once every day for seven days for mild ear infections and 14 days for a chronic infection.


Hydrogen peroxide solution


Trauma is the most common cause of bleeding ears in dogs. The bleeding is usually a result of blood vessels bursting from the force of the trauma. The trauma can be self-induced by head shaking or scratching, or from external sources such as dogfights. Bleeding ears caused by trauma are easy to treat since they have no underlying medical conditions. All you need is hydrogen peroxide and a little water. To treat your dog’s bleeding ears, first, check the ear for lacerations and punctures to determine the source of bleeding. Next, wash the affected ear with water then clean it again with a 50:50 ratio mixture of hydrogen peroxide to water. Bandage the ear after cleaning. A bandage may be uncomfortable for your dog which might create the urge for him to scratch the ear. Hence, you may need to use a cone collar to prevent him from scratching the ear and interfering with the healing process.


Hydrogen peroxide solution for dog

Multivitamin supplements


Bleeding ears are sometimes a result of nutritional deficiency. Nutritional deficiency in dogs sometimes manifests itself as lesions on the dog’s ear tips. Hair loss around the lesions and cracked skin are also some of the signs of nutritional deficiency. The ear lesions can cause bleeding to occur. In case you notice any symptoms of nutritional deficiency such as lesions and hair loss around the dog’s ear tips, you should consider supplementing their diet with multivitamin supplements that contain zinc. A healthy diet is just as important to dogs as it is to us. Though feeding your dog multivitamin supplements will not instantly solve the bleeding ears problem, it will ensure that your dog does not get bleeding ears caused by nutritional deficiency lesions again. Putting your dog on a multivitamin supplement diet also helps boost the immune system since vitamins are responsible for building the body’s defenses.




Since bleeding ears causes vary from minor things such as vigorous scratching to severe conditions like cancer, it is imperative to take your pooch to the vet for a proper diagnosis. The treatment methods should in no way be a replacement for a visit to the vet. It is also important to note that there are some dog breeds prone to ear infections and bleeding ears than others. Dog breeds with droopy ears develop ear infections more often than dogs with erect ears because droopy ears cover the ear canal and reduce air circulation. The reduced air circulation, in turn, creates a warm moist environment which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Yunnan Baiyao Store
Yunnan Baiyao Store

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