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August 11, 2021 5 min read

Fighting Dog Cancer

News of a cancer diagnosis is a very distressing experience for every dog owner.

The sheer feeling of helplessness often overwhelms many people as they watch life seep slowly and painfully from their pet as the day’s drag on. It is a heartbreaking experience that can take a huge emotional toll from any pet owners.

There is also a sad truth attached to dogs and cancer. Most dogs are diagnosed with cancer after 10 years of age, with some getting it at 8 or 9 years old. If anything, this is long enough timeframe for the pet owner and their pet to have established a very emotional and physical bond. Letting go will be one of the most difficult things a pet owner has to face.

That being said, vets are known to use three conventional methods when a dog is diagnosed with a cancer tumor. The first option is surgery, which may be followed by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and medication. The second is Euthanasia; a painless way to bid farewell to your canine friend to ease their suffering. The third method involves a holistic approach with interventions such as herbal therapies and acupuncture. A holistic approach to fighting cancer is not only a more humane act but also a way to extend your pets years while helping them maintain their quality of life. It is also the least intrusive approach, which also greatly reduces the stress of the first surgical / chemo, radiation method.

Here is a quick roundup of some holistic cancer treatment options for your canine friend.


Ever tried acupuncture on a dog?

Acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine. Unknown to most, it can also be used on your pets after a cancer diagnosis. Just like the ever-growing list of disorders, it is known to treat in humans, acupuncture also plays a big role in combating some of the side effects that sprout as a result of cancer cells in a dog’s body.

Acupuncture can help enhance your dog’s immune system thereby enabling proper energy flow through the body. This method of managing a cancer diagnosis holistically creates an environment favorable to healing. Chemotherapy has a wide range of side effects not only on humans but on dogs as well. Acupuncture is a way to combat one of the most common ones, nausea, in dogs, which helps your dog retain the energy it gets from food. 

By targeting acupuncture points, you get to stimulate your pets’ natural self-healing process and improve their body functions. Sounds way better than any surgery methods which involve in cutting open your dog.

Herbal treatments for dog


Herbal treatments as medication for dogs with Cancer.

Until 2024, all-natural herbal remedies for cancer in dogs often prove more successful in combating certain symptoms such as bleeding as opposed to modern day medicine. External and internal bleeding is a common problem that most dogs with cancer face. The sight of your dog coughing blood due to a lung tumor or bleeding out of an open wound is sad but can be treated naturally with the right herbal concoction.

Yunnan Baiyao is one of the most affordable and most efficient herbal medicine you will ever come across. Coming from China, this herbal medication is used in hospitals even on humans and it gives impeccable results. 

Jeff Gold, the author for Treat Cancer Naturally in Dogs cannot hide his elation as he tells of how two of his dogs survived lung and bladder cancer respectively. Both dogs were victim to the bleeding side-effect but Yunnan Baiyao helped stop the bleeding in under 12 hours. In addition to stopping bleeding, herbal treatment also boosts immunity, alters stasis, helps to eliminate nausea, and stimulates healing. 


The Kelmun Protocol can be used as a holistic approach to fighting cancer in dogs.

Whether in humans or dogs, a proper diet is key to combating any disease. The Kelmun protocol involves maple syrup and baking soda. According to the Cancer Tutor, this method has been used extensively to treat cancer due to its high alkaline levels in the baking soda that help it target cancer cells in the dog’s body with the help of maple syrup. Cancer cells love glucose and actually consume 10 to 20 times more glucose than normal healthy cells. As the cancer cells consume the maple syrup, the baking soda that is mixed in is also consumed and the alkaline targets the cancer cells.

Pets that weigh over 60 pounds are encouraged to take 1 teaspoon per day and those below that weight category to take a proportionally lower dose. Dogs do not have high resistance to this combination so you should encounter zero to no problems administering the dose with no worries of side effect.

Nonetheless, be sure to combine it with green drinks, juicing such as a tablespoon of beet juice with carrot juice, and if possible an electro-medicine protocol such as the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier. 


Massages and Chiropractic helps treat cancer too.

The use of massage and chiropractic can be traced back to the beginning of recorded time. Ancient civilizations such as Greece and China used this as a method to detect, alleviate, and prevent the resurgence of multiple conditions and illnesses through time.

Massage and chiropractic have almost the same guidelines for dogs as for humans. Despite picking steam in dogs in the 1970’s, chiropractic in dogs with cancer is a holistic approach to not only treating but reducing the pain caused by cancers’ side effects and tumors. A vet with the basics of canine massage and chiropractic will help boost your dog’s mobility, ease discomfort, and lessen pain and strain. 

According to Shelah Barr, a licensed animal massage therapist practicing in San Francisco, physical activity and freedom of movement is essential for optimal quality of life in dogs. When your dog undergoes chiropractic and a massage, it increases its agility thereby directly aiding in its recovery especially if conducted as a follow-up after surgery. Massages also help promote the physiological wellbeing and health of older dogs. 


Good Nutrition and diet are key to your dog’s immune system.

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure that you watch your beloved canines’ diet. Good nutrition is essential in building a strong immune system.

Most dog foods are composed of carbohydrates. Seeing that cancer cells feed off of carbohydrates to amass energy, it wise to lower the carbohydrate intake for your dog affected by cancer. Help your pet reach optimal nutrition by giving them a diet with moderate fat, low carbohydrate, and high protein. Innova, solid gold, and California Naturals are examples of some of the commercial diets you can give to your dog. Remember to look for high protein and grain free dog food, dogs were not designed by mother nature to eat grain. They are carnivores and protein is what is best for their bodies.

This video further outlines some of the food you should feed to your dog affected by Cancer. Cancer also causes loss of appetite in dogs and weight loss and but diet in the video will help your dog retain its body mass and keep up its appetite. In addition to a restricted level of carbohydrates, be sure to keep sugars at a minimal level too since they too aid in the growth of cancer cells.


Cancer, whether in dogs or in humans is an overwhelming disease to both the patients and those around them. In addition, treatment can costs a lot of money and needs to be done regularly. Needless to say, by using the methods discussed above, you can help your treasured pet fight cancer while prolonging their life as well. Holistic treatments have worked for thousands of years and should be looked at as an option.

Yunnan Baiyao Store
Yunnan Baiyao Store

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