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April 14, 2017 4 min read

Yunnan Baiyao: How to Naturally Manage Canine Cancer

When a pet is suffering, we'll do anything we can to provide relief. Yunnan Baiyao is just one natural remedy that can soothe what ails them. Here are more.


Learning that your beloved canine companion has been diagnosed with cancer is a difficult and heartbreaking experience. You may be wondering what the next steps are, and what your furry friend's future will be like.

We put together a great guide to understanding canine cancer and how alternative medicines like Yunnan Baiyao can help.

First, let's look at exactly what Yunnan Baiyao is.

What Is Yunnan Baiyao?

Yunnan Baiyao may be the most interesting miracle drug you've never hear of.


Yunnan Baiyao (literally "Yunnan White Drug" in Chinese) is a hemostatic powdered medicine. Hemostatic essentially means "to arrest the flow of blood within the vessels".

Yunnan Baiyao was used significantly by the Vietcong to stop bleeding during the Vietnam War. Originally, it was developed by a Chinese man named Qu Huanzhang in the early 1900's and donated to Chinese soldiers during the Battle of Taierzhuang.

Now, Yunnan Baiyao is used across China with a reputation similar to the United States and penicillin.


Yunnan Baiyao has been found to significantly reduce internal bleeding.

The main ingredient of Yunnan Baiyao is steamed and raw San Qi. This is typically combined with astringent herbs like myrrh.

However, the exact formula of Yunnan Baiyao is a closely guarded secret and is only manufactured by one state-owned enterprise in China (however, you can buy Yunnan Baiyao from third-party retailers online easily). The company mentions progesterone, saponins, alkaloids, and calcium phosphate as part of the formula.

Yunnan Baiyao typically comes in capsule form that is taken orally.

Conventional Canine Cancer Treatments

Before we get into how Yunnan Baiyao can help your dog's cancer, let's look at how canine cancer is typically treated:

  • Surgery (the best option)
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy

Treating your canine's cancer with surgery is considered the best option-- and the survival rate is impressive!

Radiation therapy and chemo are options that should be considered if the surgery isn't entirely successful.

In the meantime, your pup is probably in pain and is dealing with internal bleeding from the surgery or the tumor itself. So what can you do to help?

How Can Yunnan Baiyao Fight My Dog's Cancer?

It is important to understand that Yunnan Baiyao is not a "cure" for cancer.

Rather, if your dog is suffering from a bleeding cancerous tumor, Yunnan Baiyao can significantly help reduce that internal bleeding.

Yunnan Baiyao can help reduce canine cancer symptoms in the following ways:

  • Reducing or completely stopping internal bleeding naturally, especially bleeding from cancerous tumors
  • Enhance immune system functions
  • The side effects of hemangiosarcomas
  • Reduce inflammation from swollen joints and/or arthritis as a result of tumors
  • Stop bleeding of external wounds (break open the Yunnan Baiyao and sprinkle the powder on the wound quickly)
  • Reduce swelling

Not only is Yunnan Baiyao a great holistic choice for treating internal bleeding as a result of your dog's cancers, but it has a ton of other benefits as well.

Why Not Just Opt For Pain Meds Or Other "Real" Drugs?

First-- just because a type of medication is herbal or alternative does not necessarily mean it isn't an effective and worthwhile "real" medication.

Yunnan Baiyao is used across one of the biggest countries in the world, and its effectiveness has been proved.

So why use Yunnan Baiyao instead of other drugs? Synthetic medications can be used for pain management and to reduce internal bleeding, but you may find the side effects a bit troubling.

Yunnan Baiyao has no known side effects, making it an excellent choice to try.

The Full Herbal Approach To Treating Canine Cancer

There's more to treating your dog's cancer and cancer symptoms than just giving them a capsule of Yunnan Baiyao.

Consider all of your pup's needs, including:

  • Consideration of the type, stage, and severity of the cancer and which systems in your dog's body are most effected
  • Nutritional needs
  • Emotional needs
  • Quality of life 

Yunnan Baiyao Size Dosage

A dose of Yunnan Baiyao for your pup is dependant on their size. Most pills come in formulas that range from 10mg to 120mg capsules, so use this guide for reference:

  • Under 33 lbs - 250mg, twice a day 
  • 33-66 lbs - 500mg, twice a day
  • Over 66 lbs - 500mg, three times a day

If you're using the powder inside the capsule to treat an open wound, keep the treatment at a dosage of one 250mg capsule per 22 lbs.


While there are no known side effects to Yunnan Baiyao, there are some things you should remember before starting treatment:

  • Consult your vet before beginning treatment.
  • Prepare for possible upset stomach and vomiting-- not because of Yunnan Baiyao specifically, but because it is a new substance your dog may not be used to.
  • Do not overuse, as Yunnan Baiyao's effectiveness can be lost over time.
  • Give the medication to your dog three hours after they have eaten, but not on a totally empty stomach.


Diet in combination with Yunnan Baiyao treatments can significantly help your pup during this trying time.

A Grain free dog food is recommended.

If your dog is already eating dry food, they may need more protein. Some of the best sources are:

  • Canned sardines
  • Cottage cheese
  • Eggs
  • Hamburger
  • Ground turkey
  • Chicken

Just as well, your pup needs more of the following in their diet to fight fatigue and muscle deterioration:

  • Fish oil
  • Fatty foods
  • Flax seed oil

Additional Herbal Treatments

  • There are other herbal medicines that can be used with Yunnan Baiyao to help your pup's cancer symptoms:
  • Sweet Annie - Bone cancer, general advanced illnesses
  • Astragalus - Stimulated T-cells, raises white blood cell count, heptatonic
  • Boswellia - Helps with arthritis and joints
  • Turmeric - Antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory
  • Milk Thistle - Supports liver function
  • Fungi - Survival extension
  • Ashwagandha - Cancer-fighting, immune system regulation

Be sure to consult your vet before giving your pet ANY of these herbs-- some of them may combine unfavorably and be toxic. Work with your vet to find the best combination.

Start Treating Your Furry Friend The Holistic Way!

Canine cancer doesn't have to be so scary. With high survival rates and holistic alternative treatments, your dog has hope yet.

Was this guide to Yunnan Baiyao helpful? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Yunnan Baiyao Store
Yunnan Baiyao Store

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