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October 23, 2017 5 min read

Are you a pet owner whose dog has just been diagnosed with cancer?

If you're preparing to go through cancer treatment for dogs, it can be a very troubling time, it can be a difficult time for the whole family. The news is devastating to every single member of the family.
The battle can be won, but it takes a lot of determination to stay strong. Your dog is part of your family and you must win the war!
If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, you may be struggling to figure out how to proceed. This article aims to give you some reassurance and help you to manage this difficult time as easily as possible. 
Below we'll go over the 5 main things you should remember when preparing to go through cancer treatment for dogs.



1. Stand Your Ground, Put Up A Fight, and Stay Positive


While it can be easy to get discouraged when you have received the news that your precious pup has cancer, try to stay strong.

Yes, there is a tough battle ahead. But not all is lost.

Many families and dogs have gone through the same trials and tribulations, and have made it through. You can too. When the owners stay strong, dogs can sense it and fight harder.

Keep your emotions in check and remember to keep a positive attitude at all times. Know that there are steps you can take to put up a worthy fight against this illness.

Positivity is a powerful thing. By believing that it can be defeated, you will set yourself ahead already, and every step you take afterward will be strengthened by your positive attitude.



2. Consider Your Finances


Traditional cancer treatment for dogs can be expensive and can put a big hole in your wallet. Start considering your finances early and determine where you can shift your finances in order to make room for cancer treatment.

Between all the tests, medications, surgeries, and radiation therapy, you may find yourself looking at a pretty hefty sum. Consider what you can afford, or on the other hand, what you can afford to owe when it comes to your dog's cancer treatment.

You may also consider looking into holistic remedies and other cancer treatment options. Many have had success using holistic treatments.

Alternative medicines do exist and can be a safe and effective way of treating your dog. 

Start weighing your options early, and determine what you can do to start deciding on a treatment plan. If pet insurance was purchased and covers the cost, it will substantially reduce the burden and remove the financial barriers of treatment for you.


Pet Insurance


3. Eliminate Exposure to Toxins


In addition to typical cancer treatment for dogs, you may be surprised at how much you can do by just tweaking your dog's lifestyle.

Many shampoos and doggie products are filled with unhealthy chemicals. These chemicals and toxins can create an ideal environment for cancer to thrive in. Going organic and all natural has its benefits and can reduce a lot of risk.

Consider switching shampoos, soaps, and other products your dog come into contact with natural and toxin-free products. Look for natural products which are free from harmful carcinogens such as parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Help your dog steer clear from cigarette and cigar smoke. Don't let your dog wander too closely to fumes coming from exhaust pipes on cars and vehicles.

Reduce your dog's exposure to unhealthy substances and chemicals and your dog will be much better equipped for going through the battle against cancer. This includes the dog food that is given. 



4. Strengthen Diet and Immune System


In addition to removing toxins and stress, cancer treatment for dogs can also be immensely strengthened by making some changes to your dog's diet.

Many people have found benefits from using a holistic cancer diet which consists of cutting down on carbs and sugar while increasing the intake of high-quality protein and fats. An all natural is also ideal but the cost may not be affordable for everyone.

It's believed that cancer cells thrive around carbs and sugars but find it harder to live in an environment full of fats and proteins.

In addition improving your dog's diet, you may also consider taking some steps to boost your dog's immune system. Immune supporting supplements and probiotics can be an excellent way to fight cancer in your dog's body.

Curcumin supplements, for example, have been shown to be able to fight cancer. It is also important to add Omega-3 Fatty acids into your dog's diet.

Probiotics are also important and are filled with healthy bacterias. These bacterias can also help in the fight cancer against cancer, as well.



5. Explore Options for Cancer Treatment for Dogs


When preparing for your dog's fight against cancer, it is important to learn and understand as much as possible. It's important to know that there are options for fighting the illness.

While many traditional options such as radiation treatments, chemotherapy and medications can be a solution, there are others.

Alternative remedies have also been shown to be effective, and in addition to lifestyle and diet changes can be an excellent way to fight cancer effectively.

Try to learn all that you can and explore your options thoroughly. Don't feel like you have to decide on a treatment plan immediately, but take some time to weigh your options.

Ask you doctor as many questions as necessary to get extra clarity about the situation and find out what steps and methods are at your disposal for helping your dog through this difficult time.

It can be a struggle to make decisions and weigh your many options. Take the time that you need to gain some clarity and you'll be likely to make the best choice possible in the end.



Final Thoughts


Although, it can be overwhelming to receive the news that your dog has cancer, but try to remember that not all is lost. Keep a level head, don't jump to conclusions, and know that you can win the fight.

Do what it takes to gain knowledge and weigh your options. By taking a multi-faceted approach and using all of the means at your disposal to fight your dog's  cancer, you'll have an excellent chance of succeeding in your fight.

By keeping some of the tips above in mind, you'll be sure to help your dog to improve his or health and may soon discover that your dog's cancer diagnosis has become a distant memory.


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